Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Some Chinese New Year Snacks

Chinese snacks have taken on a new complexion with the inclusion of the Indian favourite, the muruku, the Malay coconut-cream based 'kueh bangkit', the 'sambal udang' roll, green pea and anchovy crackers, and the butter-based cookies of the west. These are some of the usual snacks you would find in homes, apart from the usual preserved fruits, like plums and peaches.

Kueh bangkit

Preserved peaches

Puffed-rice biscuits

The chips are made from the tuber of a plant. The tuber is sliced thinly and deep-fried. The chips are slightly bitter to the taste. Peanut crackers, 'beehive' biscuits and seaweed snack

Seaweed snack and peanut crackers

Muruku, dried shrimp sambal rolls and cashew nuts

This stuff is really addictive

Barbecued sweetmeat. Sometimes eaten with sliced bread for breakfast. Shown here is minced meat. The sliced meat, more chewy, is much better

The 'nian gao' is a kind of sweet sticky cake that is offered to the kitchen god. It is said to glue the kitchen god's mouth to prevent him from giving unfavourable reports. It is cut into thin slices, dipped in a batter of eggs and flour and deep-fried.

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