Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tracking The Election Campaign Trail 6

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Goodies galore to woo voters

Grants to Indians and Chinese alone run into millions as govt pulls out all the stops this year By Jeremy Au Yong

FOR four years after graduating from a local college, Mr David Jeyaraj could not get a job, because he could not prove that he was a Malaysian.

adjusts the Umno 'rocket'. Campaigning is heating up as rival
parties declare their intent to go all out this election.

Born in a rural area in Kedah and given away at birth, he was never registered and did not hold an identity card.

When he tried to get one, he ran into a brick wall.

'They had me going in circles. There was so much red tape, just trying to prove that I was born here,' he said.

A few months ago, everything was finally resolved. He got an IC, and found a job working in IT.

But some are calling the pushing through of his application, together with those of thousands of other stateless residents like him, part of the government's drive to sweeten the ground before the general election.

More goodies to woo voters

From www.straits

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