Monday, 4 February 2008

Thai Cuisine

The restaurant is run by a son of a former High School Batu Pahat canteen operator who had since passed on. With his Thai wife and Thai relatives, Bok Seng dishes out Thai dishes, some of which are, by my rather rudimentary taste buds, exotic. Aside from the well-known tom yam seafood soup, other dishes lean towards the normal fare that a typical Thai family would eat.

The restaurant at Jalan Abu Bakar

Bok Seng's wife cooking up a bowl of tom yam beehoon (rice vermicelli) soup with seafood and slivers of pork.

She serves two other varieties of soup, one of which is a soup that consists of minced pork, chicken meat and chicken legs, pork ribs, coagulated pig's blood and chopped raw cabbage. It has a rather unusual taste to it and is popular with those more adventurous customers who relish the cubes of pig's blood. According to Bok Seng, this dish is from Chiengmai, where his wife comes from.

This is the tom yam beehoon soup with sliced squids, slivers of pork, a large prawn, fish and pork balls. Included are also abalone mushrooms. RM 4.50 a bowl. Taken steaming hot, the soup works wonders for my appetite.

Other dishes on offer titillate the taste buds in no small measure.

Snails in green curry

Deep-fried chicken wings coated in preserved red bean curd

Sweet sour lemon chicken

Sweet sour minced pork with raw sliced onions and fresh cabbage

Steamed tom yam ikan pari or stingray

A family eating at Fong Wee. The main course, the tom yam steamboat, comprises squids, prawns, fish, fish and pork balls, and abalone mushrooms

The other dishes include fried 'kai lan' or Chinese broccoli, fried squids, Thai style and omelette

The menu

The location

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