Sunday, 9 November 2008

Yong Peng's Hock Chew Mee

What is Yong Peng famous for? Its Hock Chew mee and fish balls of course. Hock Chew is Hokkien for the Fuzhou Province in China. After attending a wake at Bekok, we went to the popular Hock Swee Hin restaurant to try out its noodles and other dishes. It's on Yong Peng's main street, closest to the Police station. It's opposite the Police station if you come from Batu Pahat. People who pass Yong Peng will also usually buy a couple of kilos of uncooked fish balls to cook with their glass vermicelli soup.

The Hock Swee Hing restaurant

The restaurant is neat, clean and well ventilated

Friends enjoying their egg-white soup

The egg-white soup, which looks like shark fin soup. It comprises beaten egg white, and minced pork. Its distinctive taste lies in the judicious addition of black vinegar

The menu displaying a wide variety of food

Thinly sliced fried brinjal on a bed of raw cabbage. Just can't describe the taste, but it's delicious. The sourness comes from black vinegar which is commonly used in Hock Chew Cuisine

This is the famous Hock Chew mee or noodles; rather unappealing visually, but the noodles, fried with pork, lard and vegetables are fabulous

Close-up of the noodles

The restaurant also sells a variety of fruits

Passion fruit


It also sells wild honey, which is in great demand

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