Friday, 14 November 2008

"Shssssh...its exam time"

"Rush hour rescheduled, flights changed for crucial South Korea exam. Education authorities said about 590,000 students sat the day-long exam at nearly 1,000 centres. To prevent cheating, they were banned from carrying electronic gadgets such as mobile phones or MP3 players".

When I was taking my exam eons ago, my mother prepared kidney and liver soup for me every morning, which was fortified by Brand's Essence of Chicken which supposedly increased my physical and mental powers to go that extra mile. The kidney and liver were not completely cooked so as not to destroy their nutrients. Fortunately, she never fed me with pig-brain soup. As a double protection, I had to drink a bowl of water containing ashes of talisman paper and keep a folded one in my wallet for good luck.

South Korean parents' anxiety over their children's performance in college examinations is no less different from parents the world over. But in South Korea's case, it seems their world comes to a temporary standstill to provide these students the optimal condition and encouragement to do well in their exam.

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