Friday, 21 November 2008

Senggarang Coffee

Yesterday, a reader of my blog gave me a call to find out where he could get wood picture frames. He also wanted to know whether Tongkang Pechah coffee is still sold at the main market. Tongkang Pechah coffee? Never heard of it, but it must be quite well-known as this reader, Mr Chan, is from Johore Bahru. Anyway, he requested me to find out and buy some for him as he is coming up to Batu Pahat today. So I went to the main market searching for this man selling coffee. It is actually a mobile stall that grinds and sells white coffee which is from Senggarang and not Tongkang Pechah. This type of coffee is lighter in colour than the traditional coffee normally favoured by drinkers. But Senggarang coffee has caught on in popularity recently. This man took over from his father who had been selling it at the same place for the last 30 years.

According to him, his coffee beans are roasted over a wood fire which is much better than beans roasted using gas. He roasts his coffee at Tongkang Pecah, his home, which is near the source of his wood supply.

The stall in the main market

The coffee seller

The coffee grinder

The grounded coffee goes into a tin

One and a half kilos of white coffee at RM 20.00 per kilo


  1. Where is this coffee grown? How is the flavor different?
    nancy in Vancouver

  2. I have no idea why it is called senggarang coffee. Senggarang is a part of the Batu Pahat district; presumably, the coffee is grown there; its colour is light brown; so it is called 'white' coffee.

  3. Hi Nancy, it's light by Malaysian coffee standard. i just drank a cup Meeky bought. It's fragrant, sweet( no need to add sugar bec the seller Mr. Lim may have put sugar in roasting it) In fact most coffee roaster put a lot of impurities like butter and sugar while roasting it.

    BP coffee is the best! Not Muar, not JB. I may drop by to Senggarang to visit another seller and roaster, the brand is called Happyland, very popular in BP too. But I find this Mr Lim in the pasar one really fragrant and fresh.

    White coffee is not white in color, it's just lighter in color by Malaysian coffee standard.

  4. Thanks Meeky. The photos are great! Another 10 years or lesser, you won't find coffee seller like this Mr. Lim. Grind and pack with his mobile mini coffee factory right in the middle of the Pasar. Chan

  5. Thanks for throwing more light on the subject. I was asking around, and I was told that Senggarang used to be a coffee planting area, but now most of the coffee comes from Indonesia.

  6. Yes everyone comments really have knowledge how to drink white coffee compare to black coffee in Singapore. I agreed the coffee in BP is very good and also not far away coffee from pontian also good. Pontian coffee have better aroma but not as smooth compare to senggarang coffee. I have both of this coffee and I rotate different day to drink. Just like eating durians you must eat bitter and sweet taste. Coffee is the same. I have 3 type of coffee beans at home at same time. Not only I learn how to brew the same standard at what I drink at the shop. I would bought 5kg at each visit . cheers ! coffee gangs.

  7. where I can buy the senggarang coffee powder in singapore

  8. hi Meeky,

    May I know if the uncle is still selling and do u have his contacT?