Thursday, 6 November 2008

Attending a Wake in Bekok

I attended a wake with some friends at Bekok, 66 km from Batu Pahat, or about an hour's drive. The subject of death is best left unsaid, so instead I would rather explore Pekan Bekok. With a population of 20,000, it is one of the gate-ways to the Endau-Romping National Park. Unfortunately, my friends were not enthusiastic about visiting the park, so I missed a valuable opportunity. However, Bekok is not altogether uninteresting. One facet that interests me is its volunteer fire-brigade. The fire-fighting equipment and vehicles are supplied by the government and the men were trained by the Fire Department.

The town centre itself is distinguished by mostly old, and some dilapidated single and double-storey houses. As you move away from the town centre, there are newer houses, some, more like mansions - signs of high palm oil prices these Bekok old palm small-holders have enjoyed for the last four years.

The volunteer fire brigade vehicle

The fire brigade Department

The new houses with their chromed gates and fencing

The new multipurpose hall

The basketball court

Old and dilapidated shop houses

Junk and corroded metal left uncleared

A motor-cycle repair shop

Incongruous additions to the streets

Beautifully wrought iron lamp posts

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