Sunday, 9 November 2008

Chaah: Foodies' Haven

Another place that has earned a name for itself is Chaah, popular for its turtle soup, claypot turtle meat, and of course its fried and clay-pot frog meat. We didn't have the clay-pot frog meat, but we did have the clay-pot turtle meat and clay-pot wild fowl. These two meats come with a stiff price. The restaurant we went to is known as Mei Wei. No fear of not finding the place. Chaah is even smaller than Yong Peng. Ask any Chaah resident and he will direct you. Chaah is actually in the district of Segamat, but is closer to Batu Pahat.

Location of Chaah.

The restaurant with a rather faded signboard.

The claypot wild fowl; you would expect the meat to be tough, but it was surprisingly tender. Cooked in thick black sauce and a dash of cooking wine, ginger and spring onion, it was worth its pricey tag.

The usual stir-fried 'choi sum', but it comes in a generous portion.

The claypot turtle meat. The meat tastes like chicken meat, but more tender. It is cooked in a light soy sauce with the usual ginger and cooking wine.

This is the part of the turtle that customers love. I really don't know what it is. It looks like that thick layer of skin beneath the shell of the turtle.

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