Thursday, 20 November 2008

"Vallina Ice-cream Puzzled General Motors"

That's the trouble when we are merely consumers of technology: we are completely helpless when things break down. When my astro remote died on me, I thought buying a new one would solve the problem. It didn't work even after following the instructions on how to set the remote. Now it is collecting dust.

The other day, the car battery died on me at my friend's office. I thought it was the connection; knocked on the battery terminals a few time thinking that it was the accummulation of 'white powder' cutting off the connection; nothing happened. Since the battery was installed only a few months back, I thought it could be an ignition problem, as the horn was completely soundless. It wasn't, it was the battery. Then the man brought along a battery fit for a BMW. To cut the story short, I went back to the shop and told them I didn't need such an expensive battery for my old junk.

My internet connection is still down and I have not bothered to call Telekoms to fix it, preferring to use my friend's office's connection; for the air-con of course. When you call them up, they say they will serve you within 24 hours, which means you are trapped the whole day in the house waiting for them to call you. And when they called you they told you they couldn't find your house. That's what happens when we are consumers.

You must be wondering why I am posting this. Well it is just to lead you to reading a true story posted here: Vanila ice-cream puzzled General Motors.

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