Friday, 24 October 2008

A Crab Feast

Three dishes of crabs. a frog dish plus a vegetable dish, a tofu dish, and some buns, not to mention rice and tea for RM 150 for 8 people? It's incredible but it's true. It worked to be 18.75 each. Tak Fok Restaurant in Kepong is popular for its crabs, especially its signature dish: crabs prepared in cream of mushroom and cheese. But being a cheese consumer occasionally, and that is confined to Kraft cheese, I found it to cheesy for my liking. Anyway, I am digressing a little here. The restaurant as usual is packed. The patrons spill out to the tables set up by the road side.

Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant, Kepong

Despite inflation, people still flock to eateries that provide them a temporary respite

Inside the restaurant

The little girl enrossed in her game; presumably, the owner's daughter

Pegs, that are used to track the orders for each table; you might find your order list with several pegs clipped to it

Braised peanuts as an appetizer; this tastes suspiciously like canned peanuts from China

Fried sweet potatoes leaves; this vegetable used to be a poor man's food, but now it has taken on respectability

Tofu with preserved vegetables; this is yummy especially its dressing which comes from a the preserved vegetable 'bueh chai' in Hockien and 'mui choi' in Cantonese. In Mandarin? I don't know!

Frogs fried with ginger and spring onions; the consensus is that the frog meat is frozen and taste is bland; nothing like those found jumping in the aquarium

Close-up of the meaty part of the frog

Fried buns to go with the meal

Crabs in cream of mushroom and grated cheese, their signature dish

Crabs fried with salted eggs; this is delicious

This is the black pepper crabs

The verdict is the restaurant is well worth the long journey there, particularly the crabs, with the exception of the 'cheesy' crabs and the frog meat.

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