Monday, 20 October 2008

Battling Cancer

On recommendation from well-intentioned friends, Ah Kow has been cleaning lemongrass, or serai as it is known here, cutting and boiling it with tap water that has flowed over a bio disc to infuse it with 'scalar' energy which rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids.

Lemongrass is supposed to rid him of flatulence and nausea; it is also a natural diuretic.

The disc, made of 13 engineered natural minerals and fused using nano technology, and bought at great cost in Australia by his brother (about Aus 600 dollars, if I remembered correctly), claims to improve energy levels, enhance the immune system, rejuvenate cells, and increase blood oxygen level.

He was also advised to take raw asparagus grounded into a paste to rid his body of the side effects of several chemotherapy sessions, and that, he has been religiously following.

Of course there is no proof that such a regime of treatment could cure his cancer, but apparently it seems to work for him as he is alert, stronger, not easily fatigued, and optimistic.

Serai or lemongrass bought from the street market early in the morning

Lemongrass stripped of its outer layer

Cut lemongrass

The bio disc used to infuse 'scalar energy in the water

Boiling the lemongrass for about 20 minutes. The lemongrass 'tea' is ready

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