Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Malaysian Fruits

While Malaysians bemoan the increase in food prices and feel the pinch on their wallets, these fruit sellers would probably have seen a decline in customers. But it seems otherwise. They are content to wait for customers to drop by to buy their fruits. This particular stall, located after the well-known Rothman roundabout in PJ, seems to be doing pretty well judging from the plentiful supply of various types of fruits. We bought some bananas, pisang emas ("golden bananas") to be exact.

Note the variety of fruits: bananas, watermelons, honey dew, pomeloes, and hidden from view are the dragon fruit, pineapples and the ubiquitous oranges and fuji apples

Papayas. I was told that papayas cost a bomb in Australia and they are not as sweet as the Malaysian variety. My sister-in-law who recently came back from Australia remarked that papayas here are cheap and delicious.

Fresh young coconuts; they are bought primarily for their water as it is believed that it has a cooling effect

More papayas and coconuts

Watermelons. Recent research has shown that they may be a natural viagra. So gentlemen, eat more watermelons!

A variety of bananas

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