Sunday, 26 October 2008

Food Outlets for Foodies

Food is one of biggest, if not the biggest draw in a shopping mall. One Utama is no exception. Almost any kind of imaginable food, be it western, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese, can be found. The mall is one huge maze that one could wander the whole day or easily get lost. Looking at the bewildering range of goods sold, from food to articles of clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc, etc, you would think that it is one huge money making concern. People are spending, though I suspect not as lavishly as before. Still more are window shoppers like me. But people have to eat, and they are spoilt for choices here.

An outlet selling roast ducks, roast and barbecued pork

The crowd queuing up at the outlet

The herbal tea outlet

The tea, served in bowls comes from two huge decorative pots

A decorative port on display

The Melaka Corner, which serves nyonya food and cakes

For those with a sweet tooth

Thai food

This stylish outlet sells soybean milk and other soy products

The wheat grass juice outlet

Inside the food court, the Arena

One of the stalls sells Korean food

Organically cultivated vegetables and fruits from Country Farm

That common food, nasi lemak is also sold

Keropok, or prawn/fish crackers

Take your pick of sausages

Plenty of Japanese food; this is only one on display; there are many more trays


  1. wow..i m so misses msia food..esp home fd =)

  2. Don't look back; look forward. Enjoy your sojourn in UK. Not many people have the opportunity to live a life away from their home county. You will be much better for it!!

  3. yeah currently nt really get used of their teaching method n fd..