Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Beacon For Senior Citizens

In the heat of debate and condemnation over his sexual misbehaviour, Dr Chua stood out as a testament to senior citizens that life, particularly the appetite for sex does not diminish with age. Regrettably, he lost his Health Minister’s post which few men could ever dream of holding; true, he was subjected to public ridicule; true his wife and family publicly stood by him resolutely, though in private few women would ever forgive their husbands’ transgressions; true, he was bitter at being caught; true, he was na├»ve at being caught literally with his pants down, or to be more exact, his underwear; and true, he became an instant ‘celebrity’ over the internet.

But what of it? What’s wrong with indulging in a past-time that provides pleasurable cardiac stimulation as recommended by Japanese doctors and, what more for a man of his age who has become a beacon of sexual health? Many senior citizens would grind their teeth in envy over his his lustful behaviour. Conservative Malaysia has condemned a 60 year old man, and for that matter all men of that age and beyond to a life of a celibate. He probably could not do it with his wife as menopause would have robbed her of all carnal pleasures.

The discovery of Viagra has led to a sexual revolution among men who are impotent and men who have passed their prime and have hitherto resigned themselves to a celibate lifestyle. He is proof of the power of modern medicine in rejuvenating life’s essential function, that is, presuming that he had availed himself of the miracle drug. If he hadn't, he would be the exemplar and envy of all 'dirty old men'.

Which leads us to the question: should senior citizens continue to enjoy sex, even if it is not with their wives or partners? Or should they continue in a state of self-denial over their libido which is still largely alive and screaming?
Young adults would have laughed and contemptuously dismissed him and all others like him as ‘lecherous old men’.

Now that he has been caught, he would have to tame that raging fire within, which simply means that in deference to society’s moral conviction, he would have to remain celibate for the rest of his remaining years, and discharge his excessive energy into more appropriate channels.

May I suggest gardening, house-cleaning, cooking or child-minding as worthwhile alternatives?

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