Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Throwing Rationality To The Wind

The time is already here in Malaysia to segregate Muslims from non-Muslims in certain occupations, primarily occupations or businesses that go against their conscience. Muslims are harassed or arrested for working in places or occupations that are deemed to be 'haram'. But in some occupations like the medical profession, the Hippocrates oath is the most important. Whether a patient is Muslim or non-Muslim he is foremost a human being in need of medical attention.

Anger in Holland over 'apartheid' Islamic hospital
From Telegraph
5 Oct, 2006

Medical students get picky
From Times Online
Oct 7, 2007

If Muslim doctors are intolerant, let them go
From Telegraph
9 Oct, 2007

Outcry as Muslim M & S worker refuses to sell 'unclean' bible book
From Daily Express
16 Jan 2008

There was a time, so long ago, when our Muslim brothers sat with us at the same table where alcohol was served. So strong and secure were they in their faith that they were not offended by the their non-Muslims' consumption of alcohol. It was a time when mutual respect for each other's way of life was very evident. That Malaysia is dead and gone. It would be better for us to sit not only at different tables but at different places where we feel more at home.

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