Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Pesky Sales Person

We are often harassed by sales people who somehow manage to lay hold of your phone number and persistently try to sell something to you. Once I had a caller who kept pestering me to take a loan from him even though I don't need one. He kept calling me several times. The problem is that we are too nice and too polite to tell them off. How do we deal with such pests? A friend had sent an email detailing Colin Goh's solution to the problem. I have not tried it out yet.

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  1. Hi Chang Ngee, We have the same problem over here and often it is just a recorded voice or a real human just reading a script. I don't say anything. I just set the receiver down, that is, hang up on them without saying a word. I have never had one call back and I don't feel aggravated. I'm exploring some of your old posts today. Cheers, Nancy