Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Unwinding in Tioman Island (3)

The restaurant is a spacious, airy imposing structure of gleaming wood that casts a warm glow of richness and well-being. The cuisine of course embraces both Malaysian and continental flavours but the prices are guaranteed to induce a slight indigestion when your wallet is slim. However, we did enjoy both the Malaysian and continental cuisine, especially when John was footing the bill for the whole trip, except for the ferry ride!

Accommodation ranges from the luxurious to the modest. We stayed at a chalet that is, by my humble standard, luxurious and spacious. At RM 188 after a 30% discount, courtesy of John Tan's familiarity with the Berjaya Group of companies.

The comfortable lounge at the restaurant

The dining area

The long corridor of the restaurant. I love the wood panels and the carved railings of traditional Malay design

The swimming pool in front of the restaurant

The pavements that skirt the chalets. They allow a driver to pick up or drop off guests at their chalets

Chalets that front the beach. They are presumably more expensive

This is where we stay

The spacious room

Another part of the room with an extra bed

The compound of our chalet that faces the sea

A lizard prowling in the compound

The ubiquitous coconut trees planted at the chalets' entrances

Well-designed signpost to guide the guests

Some guests from China

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