Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Petaling Jaya's Famous Roast Duck

The Restoran Sunrise in S.E.A. Park, Petaling Jaya serves just about the best roast duck I have ever eaten. Now I am not a food connoisseur, but it was highly recommended by my wife’s friends who in turn tried it before taking me and my relatives from Australia there. Every trip to Pj would entail at least a visit to the eatery. Don’t go on a Monday, as it closed. The place is usually packed by 12.00 and a good time to go is at 11.00 when it opens for business. The place is frequented by a lot of Caucasian visitors too who somehow got wind of the restaurant and it is a joy watching them tearing at their drumsticks with obvious relish.

The five of us, 4 women and one man, ordered a whole duck which costs RM 42 and although other vegetables are served, we opted for quick-fried lettuce at RM 10 a plate. I was surprised that we were able to polish off a whole duck except the head and the bishop’s nose. The meat was tender, fragrant and juicy, and without a doubt, the skin with its layer of fat is the best part of the duck although I preferred to scrape off the layer of fat from the crispy skin. Unlike the thick salted bean sauce that usually accompanies the roast ducks served in many restaurants, it is light not unlike soya sauce in appearance and tastes faintly of an herb unknown to me. The duck also comes with a bowl of soup each, but I found it too salty for my liking. The bill came to about RM 62, inclusive of herbal drinks and rice.


Restoran Sunrise

31 Jalan 21/1, S.E.A. Park,

Petaling Jaya

Tel: 603-78769689

The shop at S.E.A Park

The interior. It is about 11.00 in the morning

The roast ducks on display

For RM 42 you get a whole duck

Juicy duck cut in thick slices

The skin is the best part. But watch out for the layer of fat beneath

Quick-fried lettuce with shallots and oyster sauce

Soup that’s a little salty for me. The chili sauce is a sweet sour concoction

This is the special light sauce that goes with the duck

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