Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Unwinding in Tioman Island (5)

Dining in Tioman

We ate in two restaurant: the first, Chinese Seafood Restaurant that also has a duty free shop and water sport services. As it is only a 10 minute walk from Berjaya Resort, it was natural for us to gravitate to it. The food was passable but expensive. The first night we had a meal which cost us RM 185, which was expensive considering that we had a fish, some crabs, two vegetable dishes, fried dry chili chicken and some drinks.

On the second night, we were recommended to a restaurant that serves steamboat. It was some distance away but the owner was gracious enough to chauffeur us there in two trips. Tucked way at the back of a Malay restaurant, it seems unlikely that there would be a Chinese seafood restaurant. The meal comprising very fresh seafood was relatively cheap as we could hardly finish the spread before us. RM 235 for the delicious steamboat.

Beside the restaurant is a shop specializing in providing diving equipment and services.

The first restaurant that we went to

This simple meal which we had in the afternoon cost us RM 85

The restaurant also provides ski jets for hire

Babura Seview Resort was the second place we went to. The Chinese restaurant is at the back

The Babura resort has what it calls longhouses for rent. RM 80 per room

This is a new block. It comprises air-conditioned rooms facing the sea. RM 140 in off-peak season

The dive centre next to the Chinese restaurant, the Food Station

The main shop which displays diving equipment

Diving equipment being put out to dry

This is the restaurant that serves steamboat

John and Huat Sheng enjoying their Heineken while waiting for the food

Part of the dining area which faces the sea

Chun Siong and Samantha

The steamboat is electrically operated. The soup which is chicken stock is boiled with 'ki ji' , 'dong gui' and 'ang jor', traditional condiments for boiling soup, has a distinctive herbal taste to it

A fresh grouper sliced in generous chunks

Generous portions of crabs


Chicken meat and squids (we were served another portion of squids for free). Conspicuously missing from the menu in Chinese restaurants is pork

Bean sprouts. White cabbage (not in the picture) was also served

Bee hoon or rice vermicelli and raw egg to be eaten as the last dish

Fish balls

A plate of boiled crab, squid, chicken meat and prawn

It was a meal we were extremely satisfied with.

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