Monday, 7 January 2008

Dae Jang Gum

I was surprised that the South Koreans celebrated Christmas in a big way until I found out that about half the population belongs to the Christian faith. But that is not th subject of this post; rather it is about a Korean restaurant I went to in Petaling Jaya a week ago.

The Korean restaurant at Section 14, Petaling Jaya

An array of side dishes

Corn with mayonnaise dressing on a hot plate

Steamed scrambled eggs with chives

Korean noodles with seaweed

Cold buckwheat noodles

Kim chee soup

Barbecuing pork

Barbecued pork

Barbecuing mutton

Barbecuing beef

Sliced squids in marinated in kim chee sauce

Barbecuing squid slices

The delightful Korean wine (at Rm 35 a bottle; I subsequently checked out the price at a wine outlet which retails it for Rm 29 a bottle)

Quaint tiny cups for drinking the wine

Nepalese waiter barbecuing meat

Nepalese waiter adjusting the funnel to suck up the smoke

My family members enjoying Korean food

We were captivated by the wine cups and requested for one from the Korean lady proprietor who smilingly obliged not only with one but half a dozen of them.

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